Ep 22: Everything You Need to Know About Drug Detoxing

Ep 22: Everything You Need to Know About Drug Detoxing

Today’s topic is all about drug detoxing! The ins the outs and everything you need to know about detoxing from drugs and/or alcohol!

What is Drug Detox?

Drug and alcohol abuse typically lead to addiction through a process known as chemical dependency, where the body develops a tolerance to the substance, forcing the substance user to increase their intake to maintain pr get the same effect. This happens as the body, especially the central nervous system, adjusts to the effects of the drugs or alcohol. When a user quits using, they go into a state of withdrawal as the nervous system adapts – forcing quick and sometimes uncomfortable change inside the brain and body.

While withdrawal is sometimes relatively mild, many users are at risk of relapse, panic and anxiety attacks, seizures, and potentially dangerous or even fatal symptoms during this period.

During drug detox, the withdrawal process is managed to facilitate a safer and more comfortable process, by controlling progression and symptoms.

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