Ep 60: Why Addicts Choose Drugs Over Love

Ep 60: Why Addicts Choose Drugs Over Love

Why Addicts Choose Drugs Over Love

With the rising rates of drug addiction in our country, chances are you know someone or have a loved one who is struggling. According to the CDC, use of any illicit drugs has increased in every age bracket from 12 years old and up. But why do loved ones choose drugs over love? Is it just a self coping mechanism, or something else?

Do They Not Love Me?

This is a common question that many parents seem to struggle with. The idea of “if they loved me, they wouldn’t use drugs” is a lot easier said than done. Chances are that they do truly love you, they just might not know how to show it. Some times enabling behavior can come into play with an addicted loved one, even if it’s not intended. You love them all the same, and they promise you over and over that they will stop using drugs, only to just hide the use more. Learn more about enabling vs helping here.

Mental Health and Addiction

Mental health is often an underlying issue of drug and alcohol addiction. Teenagers for example, often deal with bullying, stress from schoolwork, and even problems at home with self medication. For others, work stress or different forms of depression are experienced and this can lead many of us towards seeking some form of self medication rather than reaching out for help.

Don’t Take It Personally

Often times, drug use isn’t even about you. It’s about them trying to solve an issue within themselves. Due to both the physical and mental addictiveness of many drugs, before long it can become a chemical dependency. In active addiction it may seem impossible to choose love over drugs without proper treatment.

Never Give Up Hope

Whether your loved one is a first time drug user, or it’s getting out of control, do not give up. There is always hope. You can reach out to interventionists, call drug and alcohol treatment programs, or go to Alanon meetings. If we can help you get answers for your loved ones addiction, please reach out at (800)387-6907 or email Pej@beginningstreatment.com

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